Sean Shank is the guy who "looks like my buddy I drank with at college." Sean is the big goofy guy who's everybodies buddy. His comedy is friendly and unique focusing on his family and life around him.

Clubs: Crackers at Keystone, Crackers Downtown, Crackers Broadrippl,e One-liners, Funny Bone, Indianapolis Funny Bone, South Bend Funny Bon,e Omaha Funny Bon,e Sioux Falls Jr's Last Laugh, Laugh Stop, Joey's Rizzo's, The Punch Line Atlanta, The Tulsa Comedy Club, Zanies Comedy Connexion, Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, Snickerz Comedy Caravan, Wiley's Comedy Club, Go Bananas and the Looney Bin

Sean ShankMember of Def Jam, Headlined the Children in the Corn Tour

Chairities: Jack Staner Benefit, MDA Telethon

Corporate: West Lakes Country Clubs, Bob Evans, Home Depot, WNDU, Wal-Mart

Extras: Hell Walks the Earth - Zombie, that was punched out hard core Jerry Springer Show - Audience member, Comedy on the Road - Talent, CBS Stand-up Spotlight - Talent, Flowers for Algernon - Baker, Up the Down Staircase - Cast, The Nerd - Willum Cubert, Toys for Tots Midwest - commercial


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